FPGA boards

Lots of FPGA boards are available. Not so much with an Lattice FPGA chip. As we spin our own boards, we hope to offer a featureset which would be usefull to those who can not use one of the cheaply avaliable Lattice evaluation boards.

The main characteristics of our board is that it can be programmed from a RaspberryPI and offers a huge ammount of IO.

Get An icoBoard

1 MBit icoBoards are on stock!

If you are from EU and do have a UID number, or you are from outside EU the board is:

90 Euro

If you are from EU and do not have an UID number, then you need to pay 20% VAT tax so the board is:

108 Euro

Shipping does cost 10 Euro to within Europe and 20 Euro to worldwide.

Payment is possible by paypal or SEPA (EU wide payment system of Banks)

Please send me an email with your shipping address, and we will send you an invoice.