Learning Material

Introduction to open source Verilog

Check out the Presentation Here!

What is Verilog?

3 hour introduction into Verilog:

Video part 1

Video part 2

Video part 3

Video about programming Verilog on Ice40:

Complete UCLA University Digital Design and Verilog course:

List of videos on youtube

Video intro into CMOS, Verilog and FPGA programming:

Intro: How CMOS Works

Intro: from CMOS to FPGA

Part 1: learning Verilog

Part 2: Flip Flops

Part 3: finally programming the FPGA


Extra Material in English, Russian, and Spanish

Prefer English?

Basic Verilog learning material at Embedded Micro

free Verilog Online learning course 

English tutorial for beginners:


 How to build your first CPU with an FPGA

complete serices of “How to do a FPGA project”

How a computer is working on a transistor level Link

A visual CPU transistor simulator simulating the ARM1 Link

Nice tutorials and and a nice IDE:


Here’s a nice tutorial to learn Verilog

Learning FPGA design with a complete but cheap beginner board and great tutorials:

The 50 USD GO-Board

Know Russian?

Anton Pavlov put lots of Verilog material in Russian Link

Know Spanish?

Complete spanish 27 part tutorial to learn Verilog