icoBoard 1.0

Attention! icoBoard 1.0 has a different pinout than the icoBoard beta. Find pinout below.


Get started with a Linux image and all required software HowTo


icoBoard_1.0 is available in single quantity for a price of 90 Euro directly from stock plus taxes plus plus shipping (to Europe 10 Euro, everywhere else in the world 20 Euro).


These icoBoards 1.1 do also have the option of up to 8MBit SRAM (could be used e.g. for a 8 bit 640*480 framebuffer), but those version will be 20 Euro more expensive.

icoBoards_1.0 are also available in packages of 20 pieces for a price of 70 Euro each and will be build to order once we have enough orders to order a production run of 100 pieces. To get the cheaper boards your waiting-time will depend on the overall demand. You can have any number of boards (as long as they are in stock) instantly for the price of 90 Euro.

If you are interested to order an even larger number of icoBoard_1.0, please get in contact with us.

If you have an icoBoard please join mailinglist


Infos about icoBoard 1.0 (also called gamma )

The icoBoard_Beta is pin compatible with the RaspberryPI 2B and RaspberryPi B+ and all later revisions like the RaspberryPi 3. You can use the icoBoard 1.0 also with pincompatible boards like the OrangePi, but we did not test them. The icoBoard is not pin compatible with the original first RaspberryPi.

Please find the schematic here

Pinout Pmod P2 und P1


Pinout PMOD P3 und P4


Pinout 4*17 100 mil connectors

A PDF version is available too.


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