July 2016: 100 icoBoards1.0 have been manufactured are are available for purchase.

June 2016: We will present icoBoard at FPGA Kongress in Munich on 14th of July 2016

June 2016: icoBoard 1.0 is available now for 90 Euro

June 2016: We did port Contiki 2.0 to our Risc-V SoC running on the icoBoard

Feb 2016: BQ, the spanish mobilephone manufacturer, is building a Lattice based Arduinoboard using the icoTC.


Feb 2016: The first commercial product using the icoTC will be the Wiggleport

Feb 2016: Designwin. Olimex will manufacture FPGA Boards with Lattice FPGAs using icoTC.

Feb 2016: Silego Technologies as a manufacturer of programmable chips will work with us to support their chips in our toolchain.

Feb 2016: You want to work on a Verilog project during “Google Summer of Code” using Yosys and ArachnePnR? Get in contact with us.

Jan 2016: We will be at Embedded World in Nürnberg from 23-26 Feb

Jan 2016: We will be at Fosem 2016 in Brussels  Link

Jan 2016: Clifford managed to finalize the timing analysis for the FPGA:

Jan 2016: We are shipping out Beta boards to developers


Dec 2015: Hackeraday features Clifford

Dec 2015: Clifford did his presentation at 32c3

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